About Us

In Short

Our company, "Elias Coconis" is a purely Greek company, specialized in the making of flags, banners, flag-poles, as well as parade accessories, since 1897.
As of today, we are considered the top firm in Greece, regarding digital printing on textiles.
We own two stores, two warehouses and one production facility, as well as handle over 30 employees.

We take pride in controlling all our production stages, from printing to sewing of our fabrics and the shaping of the aluminum for our poles and bases. 

In other words, a century of flag-making know-how ensures excellence, high quality and timely execution of your orders!

New Technology

The majority of our flags are digitally printed on special polyester fabric. This is why we make sure to continuously maintain and upgrade our equipment: 

We enjoy learning and using the latest technology, which reduces production time and improves printing quality. This way we can respond better to your needs.

Ψηφιακή ΕκτύπωσηΦούρνος Θερμοφιξαρίσματος  Μεταξοτυπία 

Today we use ten specialized digital printers, three heat-fixation units and three UV printers and laser engravers, which are crucial to our plaques and award production.
In addition, we still use the traditional method of screen-printing for printing large orders and cotton flag fabrics.



Our store in Stoa Nikoloudi -a beautiful alley in the center of the city- is easily accessible by utilizing bus and underground transport. Our main store has been located in the center of Athens for almost a century (since 1922).
You can review our 120 years old history by following this link.


Our oldest store in Chalandri carries our complete line of flag products but is also specialized in trophies and awards. We supply sports clubs (professional and amateur), schools and teams. We create inscriptions for cups, trophies, plaques and medals, manufacture our own custom plexiglass trophies, as well as memorabilia such as pins. 


In our manufacturing facilities we have control over all the production stages, regarding the printing of our fabrics, the sewing, as well as the assembly of our flag-poles and bases.

This ensures that we don't depend on third party suppliers. Instead we are able to provide low prices and quick and effective after-sales support. 

Simply put, we support our customers by helping them install our products, repair their poles and offering the lowest cost possible so the flags can be replaced regularly. 

Our Motivation

We know that every symbol, either historical or modern, national or corporal, is more than just art or lines. It tells its own story, it is a cluster of morals and beliefs.
We aim to breathe life to each and every one of those symbols, and witness them waving proudly.

We are dedicated to deal with each of those symbols with the proper respect that reflects the ideas hidden behind them.

Web Presence

By visiting our e-shop you can engage with most of our products. For any questions regarding pricing for large quantities of orders, products not included in the site and wholesale prices, kindly
contact us at 210-3226355 (M-F, 09:00-17:00) or e-mail us at