About Us

Our company, «Elias Coconis Successors PC» is a purely Greek company and has been a major manufacturer of flags and banners since 1897.

We know that every symbol, historical or contemporary, national or corporate, weighs more than the lines and colors composing it. It always carries its own history, values and beliefs. This is why one of our goals is to bring each one to life, and see it fly proudy on a pole. 


We are dedicated to treat every symbol with respect, as befits everything which represents an idea.

Our History
1897 - Umbrella Manufacturers in Smyrna
Our company was founded in 1897 in Asia Minor, by Elias Coconis. The company originally manufactured and traded umbrellas, both for the rain and the sun - a feminine and necessary fashion accessory. The company owned many sewing machines, and when the opportunity rose in 1919 Elias started to produce Greek flags.

1922 - From Smyrna to Athens
After the Greeks left Asia Minor in 1922, Elias rebuilds the company in Athens, originally in Stadiou Street, with sewing machines in their attic. Since 1929 the HQs moved in Stoa Arsakeiou.

1955 - Production moves to Marousi
In 1955 our production was moved to its owned factory in Marousi. The newly built building allows for production of special designs, corporate logos and specialized symbols. This, we consider to be the moment which established us company as an important production unit in the Greek industry.

1985 - New Store Opening in Chalandri
Our company extends its network by opening a new store in Chalandri. In this store, along with flags we also promoted for the first time trophies, and today we have a wide network of clients, composed of sports clubs (amateur and professionals), schools and teams. 

1997 - 100 years Coconis! Publication of Celebratory Album
To celebrate 100 years of Coconis history, Eleni Coconis (Elias' granddaughter) publishes an album with Greek Historical Flags. This includes illustrations of more than 200 historical flags and symbols, from the ancient greeks until the contemporaries. Through the album, one can navigate through Greece's history and examine the symbols that were created and honoured, many of which are still honoured in their birthplaces. 

2010 - Production moves to Acharnes
In 2010 our production is moved in Acharnes. The new building allows for larger - scale production. Thus we are able to produce in-house all our products, control quality, minimize costs and continuously support our customers. 

2019 - New Store in Stoa Nikoloudi
In October 2019, the company moves its downtown store to Nikoloudi Alley. This new store, twice as large as the former HQ, is in one of Athens' most prominent alleys, connecting two of the most commercial boulevards since the 1930s. The larger space allows for the quickest possible response to the increasing demand.


Our Products

Today our company owns one manufacturing facility in Aharnes, Attiki and three stores in the greater Athens area.


On our production unit in Acharnes, Attiki, you may find flags, banners, and decorative items such as garlands, wooden shields, poles and parade equipment.
This way we can control all production stages and ensure the highest quality for the lowest cost. 

Our collection of FLAGS and BANNERS includes:

  • GREEK FLAGS in many sizes



Our company is also a retailer of trophies, cups, awards, plaques and medals. We renew our collection annually and offer competitive prices. We also provide our customers with engraved and print dedications, cases, ribbons, commemorative diplomas, pins and buttons. 


On our e-shop you may find most of our products. If you are interested in purchasing large quantities or items not included on our site,
please contact us on +30-210-3226355 every day from 9:00 to 17:00 or e-mail us on coconis1@coconis.gr