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09 Sep 2019

After sales supporting documents for our flags, poles and trophies

Digital or Screen Printing?

07 Mar 2020
  • Digital Printing is ideal for for coffee shops, pharmacies, mini markets and local stores which want to attract the passer's by attention with a few flags with impressive logos. Photos and complex designs can be printed with precision, independently from the quantity - production starts with one flag. Our production capacity reaches 150 m² per hour making us able to deliver any order on time.

  • Screen Printing in comparison is a more time requiring method, which can offer great advantages in large scale production (over 50 pcs). Logos with clear lines are printed with vivid colors and great resistance to sunlight. By being the only Greek flag manufacturers who still use this method, and due to the principles of scale economies, we are able to secure screen printing's high quality result at low costs. In addition, we understand our customers' difficulty to manage a large stock of flags, so ask us for options on long term or partial distribution.

Tips for Maintaining your Flags

05 Feb 2020

National and Corporate Flags:

The flag’s expected ‘life’ should be estimated at about four (4) months when properly used.

This includes:

  1.  Subduing the flag in the evening.
  2. Avoid exposing the flag in bad weather (wind stronger than 6 Beaufort, heavy rain). Rain adds weight to the flag and strains the fabric and the stitches.
  3. Secure the free flying of the flag, without it being blocked by trees, pillars, cables and other obstacles. Obstacles that hinder the flying of the flag will weaken stitches and fabric.
  4. The stitching at the fly end of the flag will be the first part to wear. You may re-stitch the flag to prolong its life.

Flags hung in the city center have less risk of wind damage, but very often the color is disturbed by exhaust gases. Our flags can be cleaned with dry cleaning or light rinsing in cold water - never in a washing machine.

The flag’s expected ‘life’ is also influenced by its size. The larger the flag, the higher the air exposure and the wear it sustains.

Subduction during the night hours and frequent reinforcement of stitches at the edge of the flying end of the flag as soon as they begin to wear can even double the flag's lifetime.

For reference, the US government considers flags to have a 90-day lifetime if they hang up every day from sunrise to sunset, but not in extreme weather conditions.

Beach Flags / Promotional Flags:

The lifetime of the flags should be estimated at about six (6) months when properly used.

This includes:

  1. Subduing the flag in the evening.
  2. Do not expose the flag in bad weather (wind stronger than 6 Beaufort, heavy rain).
  3. Secure the free flying of the flag, without it being blocked by trees, pillars, cables and other obstacles.
  4. Secure the free rotation of the stand around the base, according to the installation instructions

Flags in the center of the city have less risk of wind damage, but their color tends to be altered due to exhaust gases – especially for light colors. Our flags can be cleaned with dry cleaning or light rinsing in cold water - never in a washing machine.

The above refer to the fabric of the flag.

Our base-stand systems have up to two years of life as long as they are installed in accordance with our guidelines and are protected from external damage (knocks, vehicle collisions, vandalism).

Technical Specifications for Flags

04 Feb 2020

Qualitative Specifications:

Our flags meet all international standards. The printing method depends on the pattern depicted and does not affect the quality or expected ‘life’ of the flags. Our flags are printed either digitally or by screen-printing on special 90, 100 and 110-gram fabrics knitted with three threads - weaves that simultaneously guarantee permeability to the color of the flag and minimal weight for better waving, less stitching and low moisture retention.

You may find tips to extend the life of your flags here.

Qualitative Specifications:


  • 100% knitted polyester fabric 110 gr
  • Eco  screen printing with pigment dyes fixed at 155 degrees for best UV color fastness
  • Digital printing with best quality disperse dyes
  • Flag finishing with double stitched fringes
  • Heavy polyester heading at the side from which the flag or banner will be supported
  • Plastic noiseless D-rings

Assembly Instructions for Fiberglass Poles

09 Sep 2019

Fiberglass is a durable material with immense resistance on weather conditions. That's why it is considered a better option (instead of aluminum) for poles taller than 6 m. 


The hinged base is planted into the ground and allows the pole to recline. This way the top of the pole comes to ground level and replacement of the flag is easily possible. Make sure that there is enough unoccupied space for the pole to recline. Instructions for embedding the hinge mechanism can be viewed here


Instead of the hemispherical top, it is possible to install a rotating banner arm. This ensures that the flag flies optimally, even without strong wind.  Instructions for installing the rotating mechanism can be viewed here.


An alternative to the reclining poles is to embed them through an internal tube system straight to the ground. These poles are permanently installed and the changing of the flag is easily possible through the external halyard system. Embedding instructions for said poles can be found here

Make sure that the tube system is never exposed without some warning (sign, colored ribbon or traffic cone) to protect pedestrians. 


The embeded poles can also feature an internal halyard system. This adds a level of security as it ensures that only the owner of the crank handle can lower and change the flag. For the installation of such poles please contact us, as they need special instalation. 

Beach Stand Assembly Instructions

09 Sep 2019

An easy guide for assembling our beach stands.

1. Fit the parts into each other, starting with the one which has a hook and finishing with the curved one.

2. Fix the ground base into the ground up to the mark. Pay attention not to skew the top part of the base.
3. Place the rubber top on the base.
4. Place the circular washer disc through the base, so that the Beach Stand stays on top of it.

5. Insert the stand through the ‘sleeve’ of the Beach Flag, until it reaches the end of the pole and tie the string at its end.


» Don’t let your flags exposed to wind stronger than 7 degrees Beaufort. 

» Make sure that the tube system is never exposed without some warning (sign, colored ribbon, traffic cone) to protect pedestrians.  

» Make sure that your Beach Flag rotates freely.

Technical Specifications for Trophies

09 Sep 2019

Technical Specifications for Cups

Our cups are assembled from a marble base, plastic handle and iron cup. Our figures are either plastic or resin. For all cups with a rectangular base it is possible to print an inscription on gold or silver colors - either on adhesive membranes or aluminum tags.

Technical Specifications for Medals

The material for our 4 and 5 cm medals is ZAMAK (Zink (zinc), AluminiumMagnesium and Kupfer (copper)) in all three colors (gold, silver και bronze). 

The material for our 3.20, 4.50 and 7 cm, is iron in all three colors (gold, silver και bronze). 

The front side can feature an insert with a representation of a sport or a logo with resin cover. The back side can feature text or any logo on a transparent adhesive membrane.

The ribbons can be 1.10 cm or 2.20 cm wide and has a total length of 80 cm with a hook.

Technical Specifications for Plaques

The material for our plaques is either brass or aluminum. Both can be available in gold or silver color. 

Our plaques are printed either with UV colors or with a laser printer and applied through adhesive membrane. 

They can be presented on a velvet box. The back of the box may also be velvet or from dark-coloured wood. Alternativelly, they can be placed in between plexiglass parts, held together by decorative pins in each corner. 

Technical Specifications for Plexiglass Plaques:

Our plexiglass surfaces are cut and engraved with the utilization of laser technology and printed with UV colors. The outline (shape) of the award as well as the logo and inscription can be customized for each order.