Beach Stand Assembly Instructions

Beach Stands with a fixed curve have many advantages over those with an elastic antenna. Not only does it support the flag without putting pressure on it and therefore it causing damage to the fabric itself, but it also is easy to assemble, transport ans store.

An easy guide for assembling our beach stands.

1. Fit the parts into each other, starting with the one which has a hook and finishing with the curved one.

2. Fix the ground base into the ground up to the mark. Pay attention not to skew the top part of the base.
3. Place the rubber top on the base.
4. Place the circular washer disc through the base, so that the Beach Stand stays on top of it.

5. Insert the stand through the ‘sleeve’ of the Beach Flag, until it reaches the end of the pole and tie the string at its end.


» Don’t let your flags exposed to wind stronger than 7 degrees Beaufort. 

» Make sure that the tube system is never exposed without some warning (sign, colored ribbon, traffic cone) to protect pedestrians.  

» Make sure that your Beach Flag rotates freely.