Assembly Instructions for Fiberglass Poles

Fiberglass is a durable material with immense resistance on weather conditions. That's why it is considered a better option (instead of aluminum) for poles taller than 6 m. 

Due to the height of the masts, before deciding on their installation one should consider how to install and replace the flags. The options we offer are as follows:


The hinged base is planted into the ground and allows the pole to recline. This way the top of the pole comes to ground level and replacement of the flag is easily possible. Make sure that there is enough unoccupied space for the pole to recline. Instructions for embedding the hinge mechanism can be viewed here

The reclining bases need to be checked often, to ensure the bolts are tightly screwed. If the bolts are loose, they need to be tightened immediately, as this increases the chances of breaking.

Rotating Banner Arm:

Instead of the hemispherical top, it is possible to install a rotating banner arm. This ensures that the flag flies optimally with minimal resistance, even without strong wind. Instructions for installing the rotating mechanism can be viewed here.


An alternative to the reclining poles is to embed them through an internal tube system straight to the ground. These poles are permanently installed and the replacement of the flag is easily possible through the external halyard system. Embedding instructions for said poles can be found here

Make sure that the tube system is never exposed without some warning (sign, colored ribbon or traffic cone) to protect pedestrians. 

Internal Halyard System:

The embedded poles can also feature an internal halyard system. This adds a level of security as it ensures that only the owner of the crank handle can lower and change the flag. For the installation of such poles please contact us, as they need special installation.