Digital or Screen Printing?

Printing Techniques 

  • Digital Printing is ideal for for coffee shops, pharmacies, mini markets and local stores which want to attract the passer's by attention with a few flags with impressive logos. Photos and complex designs can be printed with precision, independently from the quantity - production starts with one flag. Our production capacity reaches 150 m² per hour making us able to deliver any order on time.
  • Screen Printing in comparison is a more time requiring method, which can offer great advantages in large scale production (over 50 pcs). Logos with clear lines are printed with vivid colors and great resistance to sunlight. By being the only Greek flag manufacturers who still use this method, and due to the principles of scale economies, we are able to secure screen printing's high quality result at low costs. In addition, we understand our customers' difficulty to manage a large stock of flags, so ask us for options on long term or partial distribution.