Technical Characteristics | Awards

Technical Characteristics | Cups

Our cups consist of a marble base, a plastic ‘neck’ and an iron cup. The figures are either plastic or resin. For all cups with rectangular base there is a possibility to print a logo or text - either on a sticker or on an aluminum label in gold or silver color.

Technical Characteristics | Medals

Our medals of 4 or 5 cm in diameter, are made of Zamak (alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) in all three colors (gold, silver, silver and bronze).

Our medals of 3.20, 4.50 or 7 cm in diameter, are made of iron in all three colors (gold, silver and bronze).

The front side can have an insert with a sports representation, or a logo coated with a resin dome.
The back side can have text or logo on a transparent sticker.

The ribbon is 1.10 or 2.20 cm wide and a total length of 80 cm, with a clip for easy attachment to the medal.

Technical Characteristics | Plaques

Our plaques are made of aluminium or bronze in gold and silver color.

The printing is either done digitally - using UV colors or printed on the plaque through a transparent film - or engraved using laser technology.

They can be placed in a velvet box, supported on a velvet or wooden 'back'. Alternatively, they can be placed between Plexiglas sheets, supported by screws on each edge.

Technical Characteristics | Plexiglas Awards:

Plexiglas surfaces are cut and engraved using laser technology, and printed with UV colors. Both the outline - 'shape' - of the prize and the logo are fully customizable.