Technical Characteristics | Flags


Our flags meet all international standards. The printing method depends on the design and does not affect the quality or longevity of the flags. Our flags are printed either digitally or using the screen-printing method, on fabrics of 90, 100 and 110 grams - that ensure simultaneously transparency in the color of the flag and minimal weight. This way the flag flies freely with less strain on the seams and low moisture retention. The fabric's weave is such that allows the colors to penetrate it and look vivid.

The durability of a flag can be affected by external conditions, such as the weather, but also with its location (if it hits adjacent objects, the expected lifespan is reduced). You can see detailed instructions to extend the life time of your flags here.

Technical Characteristics: 
  • POLYESTER knitted fabric 100%, 90,100 or 110 grams.
  • Screen-printed with ecological colors, thermo-fixed at 155˚C for excellent UV resistance and vibrancy.
  • Digital printing with best quality disperse dyes
  • Flag finishing with double stitched fringes
  • Three Stranded Threads
  • Polyester Band
  • Noise-free plastic rings