Our flags meet all international standards. They are printed either digitally or by screen-printing on special 90, 100 and 110-gram fabrics knitted with three threads - weaves that simultaneously guarantee permeability to the color of the flag and minimal weight for better waving, less stitching and low moisture retention.The printing method depends on the pattern depicted and does not affect the quality or expected ‘life’ of the flags. 

1. Ways to prolong life of your flag:

  • Subduing the flag in the evening.
  • Do not expose the flag in bad weather (wind stronger than 6 Beaufort, heavy rain).  Rain adds weight to the flag and strains the fabric and the stitches. 
  • Secure the free flying of the flag, without it being blocked by trees, pillars, cables and other obstacles. Obstacles that hinder the flying of the flag will weaken stitches and fabric.
  • The stitching at the fly end of the flag will be the first part to wear. You may re-stitch the flag to prolong its life.
  • Flags hung in the city center have less risk of wind damage, but very often the color is disturbed by exhaust gases. Our flags can be cleaned with dry cleaning or light rinsing in cold water - never in a washing machine.
  • Secure the free rotation of the stand around the base, according to the installation instructions. 
  • Our base-weave systems have up to two years of life, as long as they are installed in accordance to our instructions and are protected from extraordinary external damage (knocks, vehicle collisions, vandalism, etc).

2. Maintenance  and cleaning of Prizes, Awards and Plaques:

  • Avoid using alcohol, acid and strong detergents when cleaning any award or plaque.
  • Particularly for UV printed surfaces, dry cleaning is recommended, using a non-tracing fabric, such as a glass-cloth, or soft towel.
  • On Plexiglas surfaces, any use of alcohol should be avoided as it penetrates the material and destroys it.

3. Assembly Instructions for Plastic Water Bases HERE

4. Stand / Pole Instalation Instruction:

5. Parade Pole Instructions HERE