3.23 (4.01 inc tax)

Black paper boxes for plaques on a wooden stand or plexiglass.

6.05 (7.50 inc tax)

Blue velvet medal case 9x9 cm for medals with diameter 4cm., 5cm and for medals with diameter 7cm.

7.26 (9.00 inc tax)

Blue croko  case 17x21 cm for plaques 12x16 or 13x18 cm.

(plaque is not included)


16.13 (20.00 inc tax)

Award - Diploma box

Fill the form if you want a custom case with your own logo.

2.42 (3.00 inc tax)

Case for medals with 5 cm. and 7 cm. diameter in blue and red colours.

7.26 (9.00 inc tax)

Blue velvet  case 17x21 cm for plaques 12x16 or 13x18 cm.

Blue velvet case 19x23 cm for plaques 15x20 or 13x18 cm.

Blue velvet case 23x29 cm for plaques 18x24 cm.

(plaque is not included)

4.84 (6.00 inc tax)

Blue velvet case 13x16 cm for plaques 9.5x13 cm.

Blue velvet case 17x21 cm for plaques 12x16 or 13x18 cm.

Blue velvet case 19x25 cm for plaques 15x20 or 13x18 cm.

Blue velvet case 21x28 cm for plaques 18x24 cm.

(plaque is not included)

9.28 (11.51 inc tax)

Velvet case 10x13 cm for plaque 7.6x9.6 cm.

Velvet case 13x17 cm for plaques 9x13 or 10Χ15 cm.

Velvet case 16x19 cm for plaques 12x16 or 13x18 cm.

Velvet case 19x23 cm for plaques 15x20 or 13x18 cm.

Velvet case 21x27 cm for plaque 18x24 cm.

(the price does not include the plaque)

For orders of more than 25 pieces there is a possibility of black or green velvet case. Please contact with us!

4.84 (6.00 inc tax)

Reddish purple velvet case 13x16 for plaques 9.50x13 cm.

(plaque is not included).