Our History

Umbrella Makers in Smyrna

The company was established in Smyrna Asia Minor by Elias Coconis in 1897. Ιnitially, we made sun and rain umbrellas, a very important feature in the dress code of the era. 

In 1919 when the Greek army liberated Smyrna from the Turks, Elias Coconis began sewing Greek flags. Thus a new product was added to the company line ever since.


From Smyrna to Athens

In 1922, after the Asia Minor disaster, Elias Coconis escaped with his family to Athens where he reestablished the company -initially in a small shop at the center of Athens and in 1929 at a much larger one at the Arsakeion Alley. 

The shop and company headquarters were located at the exact same place until 2019.


New Production site in Maroussi

In 1955 the production line was moved from the shop in Athens to a new factory building in Maroussi. 

The new facilities enabled the company to modernize production methods in order to depict more complicated logos and symbols and expand production.



New Store in Chalandri

The opening of a new retail store in 1985 offered the company direct access to the fast developing suburbs.

In the new store “Coconis” emphasizes the marketing of trophies, plaques and medals, along with the complete line of flag products thus expanding its services to its customers.



100 years Coconis! A Celebratory Album is Published

For our centennial celebration, the company published an album of Greek historical flags.

It contains more than 200 images of Greek historical flags, emblems and symbols from antiquity to modern times.

This unique publication is widely used as a reference in many other printed or web books and articles since.






New Production site in Metamorphosi

In 2000, in order to meet increased demand due to the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece, the company transferred its production to Metamorphosi. The new facilities provided more than 2000 square meters of space which enabled the company to provide the Olympic committee with the quantities needed.  

New Production site in Acharnes

In 2010 our production site is moved to a single facility in Acharnes.

The facilities function not only as our factory but also our logistics center and store. 

This is where all our flags are manufactured, and so we have control over all production stagesregarding the printing of our fabrics, the sewing, as well as the assembly of our flag-poles and bases.  This way we provide low prices and quick and effective after-sales support. 



New Store in Nicoloudi Alley

Since October 2019 our HQ is located in Nikoloudi Alley, in the center of Athens, as it has for the last century.

Our store in Stoa Nikoloudi is easily accessible by utilizing bus and underground transport.